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2016年 02月 29日
週末より仕事が立て込んでいて稍寝不足。でもたぶんいつも寝不足。夕方から雪が降りはじめた。電波受信不良につき、スカパーが映らなかった。夕食後、用事がてらブックオフへ。雪が降っていてもブックオフには客はいるものだな。こんな日にブックオフに足を運ぶ物好きは自分だけだと思っていたが。『パリ 都市の詩学』(河出書房新社)という大型本を200円で買う。海野弘が文章を担当している。

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2016年 02月 28日
・野坂昭如 『野坂昭如ルネサンス⑤ とむらい師たち』 (岩波現代文庫)
・フィリップ・K・ディック 『ブレードランナー』 (ハヤカワ文庫)
・谷沢永一 『紙つぶて【完全版】』 (PHP文庫)
・室生犀星 『深夜の人/結婚者の手記』(講談社文芸文庫)
・穂村弘 『整形前夜』 (講談社文庫)
・松浦寿輝 『青天有月』 (思潮社)



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2016年 02月 24日
講談社文芸文庫の野呂邦暢『草のつるぎ/一滴の夏 野呂邦暢作品集』はすでに絶版のようだが、来月「講談社文芸文庫ワイド」という新シリーズで復刊される。「ワイド」なので、版型と文字が少し大きくなるらしい。書影が出ていたが、通常の文芸文庫とかなり雰囲気がちがうなあ。価格は抑えられているようだが。

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2016年 02月 19日

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2016年 02月 16日

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2016年 02月 14日
Narrative Gems 003: Roberto Bolaño, '2666'
The first time that Jean-Claude Pelletier read Benno von Archimboldi was Christmas 1980, in Paris, when he was nineteen years old and studying German literature. The book in question was D'Arsonval. The young Pelletier didn't realize at the time that the novel was part of trilogy (made up of the English-themed The Garden and the Polish-themed The Leather Mask, together with the clearly French-themed D'Arsonval), but this ignorance or lapse or bibliographical lacuna, attributable only to his extreme youth, did nothing to diminish the wonder and admiration that the novel stirred in him.

From that day on (or from the early morning hours when he concluded his maiden reading) he became an enthusiastic Archimboldian and set out on a quest to find more works by the author. This was no easy task. Getting hold of books by Benno von Archimboldi in the 1980s, even in Paris, was an effort not lacking in all kinds of difficulties. Almost no reference to Archimboldi could be found in the university's German department. Pelletier's professors had never heard of him. One said he thought he recognized the name. Ten minutes later, to Pelletier's outrage (and horror), he realized that the person his professor had in mind was the Italian painter, regarding whom he soon revealed himself to equally ignorant.

Pelletier wrote to the Hamburg publishing house that had published D'Arsonval and received no response. He also scoured the few German bookstores he could find in Paris. The name Archimboldi appeared in a dictionary of German literature and in a Belgian magazine devoted --- whether as a joke or seriously, he never knew --- to the literature of Prussia. In 1981, he made a trip to Bavaria with three friends from the German department, and there, in a little bookstore in Munich, on Voralmstrasse, he found two other books: the slim volume titled Mitzi's Treasure, less than one hundred pages long, and the aforementioned English novel, The Garden.

Reading these two novels only reinforced the opinion he'd already formed of Archimboldi. In 1983, at the age of twenty-two, he undertook the task of translating D'Arsonval. No one asked him to do it. At the time, there was no French publishing house interested in publishing the German author with the funny name. Essentially, Pelletier set out to translate the book because he liked it, and because he enjoyed the work, although it also occurred to him that he could submit translation, prefaced with a study of the Archimboldi oeuvre, as his thesis, and --- why not? --- as the foundation of his future dissertation.

He completed the final draft of the translation in 1984, and a Paris publishing house, after some inconclusive and contradictory readings, accepted it and published Archimboldi. Though the novel seemed destined from the start not to sell more than a thousand copies, the first printing of three thousand was exhausted after a couple of contradictory, positive, even effusive reviews, opening the door for the second, third, and fourth printings.

By then Pelletier had read fifteen books by the German writer, translated two others, and was regarded almost universally as the preeminent authority on Benno von Archimboldi across the length and breadth of France.

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2016年 02月 12日
Narrative Gems 002: Stuart Dybek, 'Pet Milk'
The train was braking a little from express speed, as it did each time it passed a local station. I could see blurred faces on the long wooden platform watching us pass --- businessmen glancing up from folded newspapers, women clutching purses and shopping bags. I could see the expression on each face, momentarily arrested, as we flashed by. A high school kid in shirt sleeves, maybe sixteen, with books tucked under one arm and a cigarette in his mouth, caught sight of us, and in the instant before he disappeared he grinned and started to wave. Then he was gone, and I turned from the window, back to Kate, forgetting everything --– the passing stations, the glowing late sky, even the sense of missing her –-- but that arrested wave stayed with me. It was as if I were standing on that platform, with my schoolbooks and a smoke, on one of those endlessly accumulated afternoons after school when I stood almost outside of time simply waiting for a train, and I thought how much I’d have loved seeing someone like us streaming by.

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2016年 02月 11日
昨日は夕食後、定例の用事ついでにブックオフへ。5冊買ったが、珍しく108円の本はなかった。ジョージ・エリオット『世界文学全集 30・31 ミドルマーチⅠ・Ⅱ』(講談社)は2冊で400円。講談社文芸文庫で四分冊にもなっていた。でもこれ読むのかなあと買ったあとで思う。後藤明生『小説の快楽』(講談社)は760円。最晩年のエッセイ集。92年から97年までの群像新人賞の選評が収められていて、もちろん94年の受賞作「アメリカの夜」のも載っている。懐かしい。辞書コーナーで見つけた中村明『日本の作家 名表現辞典』(岩波書店)はお買い得の500円。岩波からはこれの前に『日本語 語感の辞典』というユニークなのも出ていて、ほんとはそっちが本命なんだけど、ま、いいや。そして5冊目が、ずっとほしいなあと指をくわえて見ているだけだった2008年ハンマースホイ展の図録『ヴィルヘルム・ハンマースホイ 静かなる詩情』(日本経済新聞社)だ。ソフトカバーだと思っていたら、ハードカバーなのだな。そんなことより、これがまさかの500円! 帰ってきてからしばらく見惚れてしまった。値札シールにではなく、絵に。

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2016年 02月 07日

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2016年 02月 05日
青豆にプルーストを勧めていた柳屋敷用心棒の田丸。今度は別の場面で、マドレーヌを届けようなどと云っていて、それがなんかよかったな。そういえば、しばらくマドレーヌを食べてない。その代わりというわけではなかったが、家に焼き芋が一本あったので、夕食後に食べようと思ってパカッと割ったら中が半分腐っていた。大変残念だったので、ブックオフに行って穴埋めすることにした。安西水丸『安西水丸の二本立て映画館 前篇』(朝日文庫)と連城三紀彦『戻り川心中』(ハルキ文庫)を買う。見つかりそうで見つからなかったハルキ文庫版『戻り川心中』がうれしい収穫。今手に入るのは光文社文庫版だが、ハルキ文庫版にはさらに「菊の塵」、「花緋文字」、「夕萩心中」の三編も収められていて、いわゆる「花葬シリーズ」の完全収録版ということになる。だからちょっとだけ分厚くなっているのがいいんだよなあ。

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